Brandon Waters

Brandon Waters, 31, from Jacksonville Florida.

Brandon started his Muay Thai journey under Kru Giles Wiley of Jax Muay Thai. Currently, his fight record is 26-5, including a 9-0 streak in Thailand during the year that he spent there. While he was in Thailand he had the opportunity to fight under Kru Lamsomkram Chuwattana and his brother, Lai, as one of AKA Thailand’s sponsored fighters. He was also fortunate enough to train under Kru’s Joe and Gen @ HongThongMuayThai in Chiangmai for 2 fights. Joe and Gen were a part of the famous 13 Coins gym from Bangkok alongside Saenchai, the GOAT himself.

Quick accolade list :
2 time NAMTF state champion
TBA 2019 A Class Champion
2019 Muay Thai Super Series east coast champion
2019 NAMTF world title